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Numbers at Sonar Festival

For the record label Numbers I built a music visualizer app for the stage projection. Collaborating with Thomas Traum and Remote Location, we created a dozen scenes that could be controlled over the course of the show.

The app was built using the Unity3D platform. Since it ran real-time, we were able to switch camera angles, objects, and scenes instantly with the live music.

Economist Thinking Spaces 2011

To follow up on the success of our 2010 Thinking Space site, we at Hi-ReS! wanted to open up the concept into a community. Launching on both desktop and iPhone platforms, one can contribute their own thinking spaces across the globe. With the phone version, one can snap a photo, record audio about the space, provide a text description, and instantly upload it to the community.

My role ranged from design & art direction for the iPhone version, to prototyping and development for the desktop version.


An interactive hourglass, designed to be something that you can leave going while your iPhone or iPad is inactive. At midnight (00:00:00) your clock is completely empty. Seconds, represented by small dots, begin to appear. These combine to become minutes, and then minutes become hours. By the end of the day, your screen is completely filled.

Source available on Github:

Created by Mike Tucker


A better way to showcase imagery. Viewers can explore using a Google Maps style of navigation. Pan, zoom through the images, use tags for a linear navigation, or reorder based on date. Provide each image with a date and tags, the app does the rest.

View any Flickr account by navigating to www.setgrid.net/USERNAME

The project is open-source and available at https://github.com/miketucker/setgrid

Created by Mike Tucker


Initially a Hello World of sorts using OpenFrameworks, Filip over at Creative Applications thought it'd be a good release for his new CAN app label, which is where it sits today.

Created by Mike Tucker

Hudson Mohawke

Remote Location approached Thomas Traum and I to build a game for Warp's Hudson Mohawke. Your objective, in the role of a stick of butter, is to find your way through 3 levels, in hopes of finding the Mother Butter.

Design by Thomas Traum and Remote Location
Development by Mike Tucker

The Economist

Created by Hi-ReS! London for AMV BBDO
Creative Direction by Florian Schmitt
Design by Margaux Renaudin
Produced by Andrew Duffus
Development by Mike Tucker

Cushnie et Ochs

A site for a fashion label in New York. It features each collection, video, and press.

Design by Mario Hugo and Mike Tucker
Development by Mike Tucker


A collective created by Mario Hugo and Jennifer Sims. Work from the various artists are showcased in this simple, functional slideshow.

Design by Mario Hugo
Development by Mike Tucker


A site for the musician Nuuro. Viewers could play various tracks, look through photos, check out upcoming shows, and purchase music while the content bounces along to the currently playing song.

Created by Mike Tucker


An endeavor in using the newly created Papervision3D library for Flash. Viewers explore a 3d environment which also served loosely as my portfolio at the time.

Created by Mike Tucker


An interactive magazine in which each page can make use of certain physical properties such as mass and gravity. Contributors use a CMS to layout images and video before publishing to the live site.

Created by Mike Tucker
Contributors include Damon Zucconi, Milan Zrnic, Nikolay Saveliev

Base Apex

Created by Mike Tucker

Issey Miyake

A prototype for the Pleats Please collection while working at Syrup NYC. Ultimately the design was not used.

Created by Mike Tucker

An Incomplete Manifesto by Bruce Mau

A school project while at VCU in Richmond, VA. The assignment was to create an interactive presentation of Bruce Mau's Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.


At the time I was a junior designer for Big Spaceship and had not yet completed college. The site features a variety of illustration, photography, video experiments, and my particular favorite-- a web community called NowGoCreate. At its peak, the community had over 1,000 members. It was developed by Rich Mulhern and myself.

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